Selection Criteria

Grants will be assessed and awarded by a panel of internal experts at auDA and the auDA Foundation. 

The panel many include auDA staff and Board members.

auDA is committed to maintaining the integrity, legitimacy, impartiality and fairness of auDA processes.

An important component of this is ensuring that conflicts of interest and confidentiality are managed according to best practice standards.  As such, all grant applications will be assessed within the context of the auDA Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct Policies.

The panel will assess all eligible proposals against the following criteria:

  • Meets the General Objects of the auDA Foundation.
  • Addresses a demonstrated need in the Australian community.
  • Demonstrates support from stakeholders impacted by the project.
  • Results in clear outcomes for the auDA Foundation's beneficiaries.
  • Supports the applicant's organisational development.
  • Demonstrates capacity to successfully implement the project.
  • Is well-prepared, appropriately planned and financially viable.
  • Offers value for money for the Foundation.
  • Is sustainable beyond the auDA Foundation funding period.