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  • Hello Sunday Morning

    HSM received a grant in 2012 to conduct research on the current HSM community and online platform to determine the most effective functionality and design to make it a more engaging behaviour change tool.

  • HeartClass for Kids

    In 2014, HeartKids NSW began work on an auDA Foundation grant project to produce an interactive website aimed at primary school children. Designed for the classroom setting, ‘HeartClass for Kids’ is targeted to peers of children with Childhood Heart Disease (CHD).

  • Online delivery of prostate cancer nursing and allied health care

    This project aimed to develop and pilot test the integration of real-time nursing and allied health clinical consultations for men with prostate cancer over the internet. The PROSTMATE system delivers information, clinical assessment, education and support via a tele-health model that can be integrated into the public or private healthcare setting and lead into a sustainable model of care.

  • E-mental health information portal for CALD Australian consumers and carers

    St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne received a 2013 auDA Foundation grant for the development of an e-mental health web-based portal and smartphone application that can create and store personal e-records, which is accessible for CALD consumers.

  • Voices Unplugged

    Voices Unplugged is a multimedia mental health project that aims to reduce the stigma associated with hearing voices and give a voice to people who hear voices. Personal stories are shared via an online portal.

  • Development of Cool Little Kids Online

    Dr Amy Morgan at La Trobe University led a project to develop an Internet-based version of a face-to-face parenting program called Cool Little Kids, which aims to prevent anxiety problems in at-risk preschool aged children.