Mental Health

  • E-mental health information portal for CALD Australian consumers and carers

    St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne received a 2013 auDA Foundation grant for the development of an e-mental health web-based portal and smartphone application that can create and store personal e-records, which is accessible for CALD consumers.

  • Voices Unplugged

    Voices Unplugged is a multimedia mental health project that aims to reduce the stigma associated with hearing voices and give a voice to people who hear voices. Personal stories are shared via an online portal.

  • Development of Cool Little Kids Online

    Dr Amy Morgan at La Trobe University led a project to develop an Internet-based version of a face-to-face parenting program called Cool Little Kids, which aims to prevent anxiety problems in at-risk preschool aged children.

  • SANE logo

    Rural Worker Training in Mental Health - online training

    SANE Australia provided a 12-month Mindful Employer eLearning program to a selected rural organisation. This organisation participated in a pilot program to improve the mental health of their volunteer workforce/membership, evaluate the effectiveness of this program and then make any necessary adjustments.

  • Dementia Risk Reduction e-Learning project

    The Alzheimer's Australia Mind your Mind program aimed to provide online information for general practitioners, community health workers and the general public; web design of the learning resources; and practical, evidence-based strategies for people concerned about their risk of dementia.